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Christine D'Ercole

Christine D'Ercole's class is grounded in science, grit and grace. She is a decorated track cyclist with a keen understanding of biomechanics and bike fit. She served as a Master Trainer for award-winning programs such as The willPower Method and Schwinn Indoor Cycling (US and Brazil) before joining Peloton. In her current role as Master Instructor, Christine works with Content and Production on improving rider experience. With over 20 years in the saddle and 16 years as a teaching professional, her approach is driven by a simple concept: At all times, you have two tools at your disposal: your breath and the words in your head. Learn more about Christine on her Peloton Facebook Page.


WED JUN 19 12:30 PM 30 Walk-In-Free
THU JUN 20 9:30 AM Pop Ride + Cool Down Ride
FRI JUN 21 6:00 AM HRZ Endurance Ride
MON JUN 24 7:00 AM 70s Pop Ride
MON JUN 24 11:30 AM 30 Walk-In Free
TUE JUN 25 7:30 PM Crank It Up Ride